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Combining Dental Procedures for Your Perfect Smile Makeover

Are you feeling less than satisfied with the appearance of your smile? People who feel insecure about their teeth or the way they look when they smile can experience self-confidence and self-esteem issues. Fortunately, there’s a solution. 

A smile makeover can completely rejuvenate or restore your smile, lightening color, increasing straightness, and addressing missing teeth or uneven gum lines, sometimes all at the same time. At Legacy Dental Care in Ballwin, Missouri, Dr. Amanda Darling can provide a customized approach to your case, combining cosmetic dentistry methods and treatments to give you the smile you deserve. 

Smile makeovers can include one or more of the following treatments or procedures:  


Dental veneers are porcelain shells that fit snugly over the front side of your teeth. Veneers can instantly lighten your smile, cover discolored spots or chipped teeth, and disguise an uneven gum line.


Bonding employs tooth-colored resin that can be used for fillings or to repair small cracks or chips in your teeth. It can also be used in some cases to close minor gaps between teeth or change the length of your teeth.


Teeth that are severely damaged can often be repaired with a dental crown. This porcelain shell fits over a tooth or tooth root and is custom fabricated to match your other, healthy teeth. 

Teeth whitening

A fast, easy way to achieve brighter teeth is with in-office teeth whitening. Dr. Darling uses the Opalescence Boost system to lighten teeth and create an amazing look in a single appointment. This hour-long treatment can last for months!  


Missing one or more teeth? Ask Dr. Darling if you are a candidate for dental implants. The titanium replacement tooth roots are biocompatible and bond firmly with the bone of your jaw to support customized tooth restorations (crowns) that complete your new look.  


Didn’t get braces growing up and now regret it? Invisalign may be just the solution. This series of clear, removable aligners swiftly and surely resolves most orthodontic problems in a manner of months, leaving you with a ruler straight smile you can be proud of. And the best part? Unlike metal braces, nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing them.

Dr. Darling consults with you to learn about your dissatisfactions with and hopes for your smile. She then puts together an appropriate treatment plan for your unique situation and presents you with all your options. As each step is completed, you’ll see a measurable improvement in your smile. 

If you’re ready to reveal your best smile, the team at Legacy Dental Care can help. Contact us by calling 636-200-8830 to schedule a visit with Dr. Darling today.

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